Ginta Šmite

Certified permanent make-up and body tattoo master, course teacher.

I am happy to be able to apply artistic talents in my daily work and give satisfaction to others. Currently, I conduct micropigmentation training for students from the basic course to master classes, as well as improve myself every day and do not stop at what I have achieved. My mother taught me and I was fascinated by the beauty industry, I watched her every day and it encouraged me to develop in that direction. At first it was like a hobby, later it became my job. I believe that it is the most wonderful thing when a person can turn their hobby into a profit and do it from the heart.

I have a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. During the last 10 years I have acquired and attended several courses and schools, improving my skills - Academy-S, Latvian Tattoo Alliance, Professional Beauty School, training center RIS, photographer Aivars Tipšs photo courses, online Osnova Academies course.

Registration is made by calling / writing: +371 29521241

Instagram - @smite_pmu
Instagram - @ ginta.smite_pmu

Sandra Zatirka

Certified beautician.

Specialist with extensive work experience in the field of cosmetology. Until the opening of the joint studio, Sandra has worked and accepted clients in various salons in the center of Riga, Pardaugava and Marupe. This is not the end of her experience, Sandra has also worked as a cosmetology teacher for young people and gained experience by attending various courses on the latest procedures.

Every year, she attends countless courses and seminars on the latest trends in beauty care and learns about new products in the cosmetology industry. Sandra uses a lot of her hands' energy and knowledge in her procedures, and this is a very important factor when visiting a beautician, because nowadays, when there are so many technological possibilities and devices, this feeling sometimes disappears. Will you ask if you also use injection procedures? Mesotherapy is offered using a derma pen for the administration of preparations.

An interesting fact is that after her education, Sandra is a doctor - a midwife - "expectant baby". This was followed by a beautician at the College of Cosmetology. Both of these educations combine a love of medicine and beauty.  I will be glad to meet you in my procedures.

Registration is made by calling / writing: +371 29627332

Instagram - @kosmetikesandra

Jurģis Strēlis

My name is Jurģis Strēlis. I am a future physiotherapist, I am currently studying in the 3rd year at the Latvian Academy of Sports Pedagogy. I have mastered Classic as well as sports massage.

I have more than ten years of experience in sports, so I understand very well how important a full recovery process is for the body, both after exercise and after a long day of work. Taking care of your body is very important to ensure its health, strength and harmony.

It is time to put your knowledge to use to help you alleviate the pain and discomfort of different origins. Each massage session, its intensity is adjusted according to your health condition, wishes and desired result.

Take your time, he will be grateful to you!

Registration is made by calling / writing: +371 24420250

Instagram - @strelisjurgis

Sintija Ozoliņa

Certified body aesthetic care master, masseuse.

I have mastered the basics of SPA body aesthetic massages - general classical, aroma massage, reflexogenic zone massage, anti-stress and toning massage, sports and deep tissue massage. I continue to grow and develop in this field by attending various courses and trainings.

As I studied and attended various courses, I realized that body massages can provide the coveted peace in the never-ending rhythm of today's fast-paced world that each of us longs for. It is a way to stop, sink, think for a moment, thus improving your well-being, gaining joy, happiness and love to share with your loved ones.

I am happy to be able to please someone and, by listening to my feelings, to be able to be useful in improving people's health and well-being, thus gaining satisfaction.

Wishing you health, love, peace, joy and a goal to approach, I will be happy to meet you once!

Registration is made by calling / writing: +371 29707505

Victoria Kupca

Certified nail care specialist.
Victoria has 13 years of experience in nail care. Various designs, French style manicure are Victoria's strengths. In its services, it offers both gel and gel polish manicure.

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Instagram - @nails_by_victorialv